Gym Rats

Hurricane Boxing Gym is non-profit organization whose mission is to impact and transform local youth through a boxing program that encourages integrity, discipline, respect, values, and morals. Their goal is to remind their junior fighters of their incredible value and worth to the future of their community and this country.

While filming on location with Fitzgerald & Co and client, Synovus, our commercial campaign focused on local Synovus affiliated businesses and non-profits that serve the local community. While scouting in Tampa, we came across, and featured, Hurricane Boxing Gym in the official campaign. 

While filming, I was so inspired and impressed by the gym's mission under founder, Will Velez, and young fighters Francisco Rodriguez & the Valle brothers (Kenyon, Dominic, and Marques) - that I decided to write and cut this film as a tribute to Hurricane Boxing Gym. 

Upon seeing a cut of the film, Fitzgerald & Co and Synovus decided to stand behind the work and offer tremendous support in affording for an original score and finishing. FitzCo elevated the film to TV broadcast, and, in a ceremony held at the gym, Synovus pledged a $30,000 donation to cover the cost of new equipment and transportation to tournaments so the gym can focus on transforming the lives of youths in Tampa.

All to say, I'm exceedingly grateful to everyone involved in seeing this project through - and for the good it will serve in aiding the gym, its young fighters, and the community. 


Hurricane Boxing Gym, Founder & Trainer: Will Velez
Fighters: Francisco Rodriguez, Marques Valle, Dominic Valle, Kenyon Valle

Client: Synovus
Agency: Fitzgerald & Co

Writer & Director: Jordan Bahat
Producer: Mike Sarkissian
Cinematographer: Mike Gioulakis
Executive Producer: Darren Foldes @ Caviar
Editor: Jack Price
Color: Brandon Chavez
Post-Producer: Terry Huynh
Music by scoreAscore 
Composer & Arranger: Daniel Ciurlizza
Executive Producer: Jordan Passman @ scoreAscore
Music Producer: Jake Weinreb