Christine and the Queens - Girlfriend

Christine and the Queens ft. Dâm-Funk 

Dir: Jordan Bahat
DP: Jallo Faber
Producer: Jeremy Martin
EP: Celine Roubaud
Prod Co: Caviar Paris
Editor: Niles Howard
Storyboard Artist: Mike Jasorka

VFX by Mathematic
Post-Producer: Nadege Moreau
Compositor: Anthony Lyant
VFX On-Set Supervisor: Stephane Vogel

Color by A52:
Color: Paul Yacono
Producer: Jenny Bright

Kiev Prod Co: Limelite
EP: Vlad Bolelov
Producer: Nastya Ivaschuk
1st AD: Grits
Production Designer: Misha Levchenko
Rear Projection Team: Front Pictures
Gaffer: Eugene Vivcharyk
PM: Max Matveev
Focus Puller: Kostyantyn Vivcharenko
Hair: Lera Gornostay
Make Up: Tamriko Levchenko
Wardrobe: Kostya Goncharenko
PA: Dasha Iva

Plate Unit Detroit
DP: Geoff George
Location Manager: Dave Krieger

Record Label: Because
Manager: Flauvie Jaubert


Eva Ndiaye
Roman Guillermic
Jeremie Parent
Josh Wild
David Cottle
Liza Laepart

Special Thanks to: Mike Gioulakis